LIAPP Terms Of Use

Our terms of use standard

[Chapter 1: General Provisions]

  1. Article 1 Purpose
    These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the terms and conditions of use of the Services between the Company and the Users of the Services (hereinafter referred to as "Users") using Smart Devices and Web Sites and other services (hereinafter referred to as "Services") provided by Lockin Company, Obligations and responsibilities, and other necessary matters.
  2. Article 2 Effect and Change
    (1) These Terms and Conditions shall be effective upon notice to the Users through the Services screen or by other means notifying the member.
    (2) The Company may change the Terms of Service when there is a need for business or other changes, and notify the service provider of the "Service" page of the service provider one week before the modification. The Users have the right not to agree to the changed terms, but if the Users do not accept the revised terms, the Service may be discontinued. If the user does not express the intention to deny the service provider during the above period, the user is deemed to have agreed to the changed terms.
    (3) When a new service opens, it will be provided according to these terms unless otherwise stated.
  3. Article 3 Definitions of Terms
    Definitions of key terms used in these Terms and Conditions are as follows.
    (1) Company: refers to Lockin Co. ltd
    (2) Services: All related services provided by the Company.
    (3) User: A person who has entered into a contract with the Company by agreeing to the Terms Service
    (4) User ID: A letter or number combination of the e-mail format selected by the member and approved by the company for the identification of the member and use of the member's service. However, the format is not limited if approved by the company prior to the enforcement of these Terms and Conditions.
    (5) Password: A combination of letters, numbers and special characters set by the User in order to confirm that the person using the User ID is the member who signed the contract with the company and protects the personal information of the member.
    (6) Ticket: Ticket is a virtual data used to use a paid service, which means that the user pays or buys or is paid by the company free of charge.
  4. Article 4.
    Any matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the relevant laws and regulations.

[Chapter 2 Registration and Service Use Contract]

  1. Article 5 Registration and Application for Service Use
    (1) Anyone wishing to use the services provided by the Company shall apply for the use of the Company by filling out the membership application form provided by the Company.
    (2) The user must provide all the information required by the Company when joining the membership.
    (3) The user must state his / her real name and actual information when applying for use under paragraph (1). If he / she misrepresent related information or use the name of another person, he / she cannot claim the rights of the member under this agreement, and the company can cancel or terminate the contract without refunding.
  2. Article 6 Service Use and Restrictions
    (1) The Company agrees to the use application for the information that the Company requires to the user unless there is a reasonable reason for the user to make a request for the information by accurately describing the relevant information.
    (2) Service hours are 24 hours a day, seven days a week unless there is a special obstacle in business or technology of the company.
    (3) In case of any of the following cases, the service may not be provided for a certain period of time, and the company is not obliged to provide the service during that time.
    A. Notified Maintenance, Equipment Replacement, Periodic Inspection or Modification of service for information and communication equipment such as computer
    B. Electronic accidents such as hacking, communication accidents, unusual use of services by members, and unstable service unexpectedness
    C. If normal service cannot be provided due to natural disasters, emergency, power failure, service facility failure, or excessive use of services
    D. If the company is in need of significant business management such as division, merger, transfer of business, abolition of business, deterioration of profit of service
    (4) In the case of (3-A), the Company may suspend the service by SAVE a fixed period of time on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. In this case, the company notifies the member through the homepage.
    (5) In cases (3-B), the Company may suspend the Services without prior notice. In such cases, the Company may notify the Company of such information on its website.
    (6) (3) In the case of subparagraph (3-D), the Company may suspend all services according to the technical and operational requirements, and notify the homepage 30 days in advance. However, if there is an unavoidable circumstance that cannot be notified in advance, a notification can be made at a later date.
    (7) The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the User in connection with the use of the free service provided by the Company. However, in the case of damages caused by the intentional or material negligence of the Company, it is excluded.
    (8) The services provided by the Company on the Website may only be used by individuals or small businesses, and services provided on the Website may not be used in any of the following cases: However, except for the case where the user has entered into a separate service use contract with the company.
    A. Government operated Institutions, such as government offices and public institutions, such as state or municipal governments, and public or semi-governmental organizations, or financial support, such as government, Institutions, test facilities, research facilities, cultural facilities, public facilities, advisory bodies, schools, hospitals, libraries, various centers, etc.
    B. Educational Institutions such as schools, academies, institutions, associations, etc.,
    C. Medical Institutions such as hospitals, clinics, clinics, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, and etc. where medical works are performed
    D. Companies and organizations with 20 or more regular employees
  3. Article 7 Change of User Information
    (1) If the User has to provide information to the company pursuant to these Terms and Conditions, he / she shall provide truthful information and shall not be protected from any disadvantage caused by false information.
    (2) The Users can view and modify their personal information at any time through the My Page screen. However, the member ID (ID) information necessary for service management, thus cannot be modified.
    (3) If the User’s information listed at the time of membership application, he / she shall immediately correct it online.

[Chapter 3 Obligations of Contracting Party and Company]

  1. Article 8 Obligations of the Company
    (1) The Company shall make available to the Service on the date of commencement of the service provided by the Member, unless there are special circumstances.
    (2) The Company has an obligation to provide services continuously and reliably as stipulated in these Terms and Conditions.
    (3) The Company shall take appropriate steps for the opinions raised by the Users, and shall notify the Users of the reason and schedule of the disposition if the disposition is not possible within a certain period of time.
    (4) The Company maintains a thorough security of the User’s information, uses it only for the purpose of operating or improving the quality service, and does not transfer it to other organizations or individuals for any other purpose.
  2. Article 9 Obligations of the Users
    (1) The contents of the application form must match the current facts.
    (2) The Users are responsible for all management of ID and password.
    (3) If the User’s ID is misused, he/she must notify the company.
    (4) Do not misuse other ID of the other Users.
    (5) Do not reproduce or change the information obtained from the service without a prior consent of the Company and use it for publishing, broadcasting, or providing it to others.
    (6) Do not infringe the copyrights of the company, the copyrights of third parties, and other rights.
    (7) The user may not conduct business using services without prior consent of the Company, and the Company shall not be held responsible for any consequences resulting from the use of the services.
    (8) Programs with malicious intent must not be used with the services of the Company.
    (9) Users shall abide by the provisions of this Agreement and related laws.
  3. Article 10 Prohibition of Transfer
    The User cannot transfer or give the right to use the service or another status of the contract of use to another person, and should not provide as collateral.

[Chapter 4 Termination of Contract and Restriction of Use of Service]

  1. Article 11 Termination and Suspension
    (1) Termination of the contract is always possible, and the service provided by the company will not be available.
    (2) The service refund policy according to the service cancellation application is subject to the individual agreement for each service. Individual terms for each service can be checked at the time of application of the service you use.
    (3) Whether to cancel the subscription is canceled if the user cannot log in using the user ID existing ID and password.
    (4) The Company may suspend the use of the service or terminate the use of the service without prior notice if the member conducts any of the following activities.
    A. The User’s action is against public order and morals
    B. The User is related to a crime
    C. The User has plan or implements use of the Service for the purpose of impeding national interest or social interest
    D. The User has stolen someone's ID and password
    E. The User has an intention to impair or disadvantage others' honor
    F. The User double-registers with another ID
    G. The User hinders sound use such as harming service
    H. The User infringes the intellectual property rights of the Company, other members or third parties
    I. The User copies or distributes the information obtained from the company's service information without prior consent of the company or use it commercially
    J. The User violates other relevant laws and regulations or the terms of use set by the company.
  2. Article 12 Service Restriction and Termination Procedures
    (1) If the Company intends to restrict the use of the Service, the Company shall notify the User or the Representative by written or other means specifying the reason, date and time.
    (2) The Company may limit or suspend all or any part of the Services without any process of the preceding paragraph if there is the time of war, national crisis, natural disasters or similar national emergencies.
    (3) A member who has been notified of a suspension of service pursuant to subsection (1) or his / her agent may file an appeal if he / she objections to suspension.
    (4) The Company shall immediately terminate the suspension if it is confirmed that the reasons for the suspension of use are resolved during the suspension period.
  3. Article 13 Disclaimer
    (1) If the Company cannot provide services due to natural disasters or crisis, the Company shall not be liable for the provision of services.
    (2) The Company shall not be liable for any obstacle to the use of the service due to the reasons for the User’s failure.
    (3) The Company shall not be liable for the loss of the profits that the member expects to use the service. In addition, the company does not guarantee the accuracy of the data provided through the service and is not responsible for the damage caused by it.
    (4) The Company shall not be responsible for the reliability or accuracy of the information provided by the Company, or any other information, except in cases of intentional misappropriation.
  4. Article 14 Collection and Use of Data for Customer Service
    (1) The Company may collect data on users who use the service only for the purpose of improving the service or providing the service or technology suitable for the usage environment of the User and for the utilization of statistical data, and on the terminal to which the service is applied, will only be used for marketing purposes utilizing the relevant users and statistical information within the scope of the collected purpose and will not be provided to third parties.
    (2) The company may collect log data and send it to the company's server for the improvement of customer service and service through post management, and to provide more stable service. There is. The types of log data collected are as follows. .
    A. Service with the name of the package
    B. Device information such as model number, OS version, baseband version, Wifi MAC address, etc.
    C. Error or error log

[Chapter 5 Payment]

  1. Article 15 Service Use and Purchase Right
    (1) LIAPP On-Site has free and paid services, and only the User has the right to use them.
    (2) The free service provided by the company is available to all users who join the membership, and the result of the service can be used for two days.
    (3) The User who wishes to use the paid service provided by the company should first check whether the free service is used and there is no problem with the result. If it is judged that there is no problem, the company should pay the payment through the purchase ticket page. There is no limit to the period of use of the service.
    (4) Purchase of the voucher is in USD ($).
    (5) The process and payment method of purchasing the voucher can be changed according to the policy of the payment agency.
    (6) There is no fixed period of use for the purchase ticket. However, if it is applicable to the following:
    A. If the company is in need of significant business management such as division, merger, transfer of business, abolition of business, deterioration of profit of service
  2. Article 16 Payment and Fees
    (1) The company shall bear the fee of the settlement agency that occurs when the User purchases the voucher.
    (2) The payment of the credit card charged by the User after purchasing the voucher may include the foreign usage fee and the exchange fee for the payment of USD ($), which will be paid by the user.
    (3) The payment of the credit card charged by the user after purchasing the voucher may change according to the exchange rate.
    (4) In any of the following cases, the payment may be rejected, and the Company is not obliged to provide the service.
    A. If the credit card the User intends to use to make a payment to purchase the voucher is not available to the payment agency or is rejected
    B. If the user is prohibited from using the credit card overseas for payment in order to purchase the ticket
    C. If the User intends to use to purchase the voucher despite the payment limit for the credit card they

[Chapter 6 Subscription Cancellation and Refund]

  1. Article 17 Subscription Cancellation
    (1) The user who concludes a contract with the company for the use of paid services and purchases the use right can withdraw the subscription within seven days from the date of purchase.
    (2) If the User falls under any of the following subparagraphs, the user may not withdraw the subscription pursuant to subsection (1) against the intention of the company.
    A. If the goods are lost or damaged due to the responsibility of the user
    B. When the user has used the ticket
    C. If a user purchases a ticket but leaves the membership without using it
    (3) Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (1), if the contents of the paid service are different from the contents of the advertisement, advertisement or contract, the user shall notify the user within 3 months from the date of purchase, and can cancel his/her subscription within 30 days.
    (4) The user can withdraw the subscription by written documents (including electronic document) or e-mail.
  2. Article 18 Effect of Subscription Cancellation
    (1) If the user withdraws the subscription, the Company shall reimburse the payment received within three business days from the date of withdrawal or deletion of the subscription right of the subscriber and withdrawal or deletion of the subscription right.
    (2) In this case, if the Company delays the refund to the user, the Company shall pay the delayed interest calculated by multiplying the delay period by the rate prescribed by the Consumer Protection Act and the Enforcement Decree of the Electronic Commerce, etc.
    (3) When the Company refunds the above amount, when the user pays the payment by means of payment prescribed by the Enforcement Decree of the Consumer Protection Act, such as credit card or other electronic commerce, the Company shall, without delay, request to suspend or cancel the claim. However, when the company has already received the payment from the settlement company, it will be refunded to the settlement company and notified to the user.
    (4) If the Company has already partially used or partially consumed goods, the Company shall charge the User for the amount equivalent to the cost of the profit obtained by the User or the supply of the goods by partial consumption or consumption of the good that was used
    (5) If the user withdraws the subscription, the user shall bear the cost of returning the goods, etc., and the Company shall not be entitled to claim penalties or damages for the withdrawal of subscription to the user.
  3. Article 19 Refund of purchase price
    (1) When the company refunds the money to the user, the whole or part of the payment amount is refunded in the same manner as the payment of the usage fee. However, if a refund cannot be made by the same method, it will be immediately notified to the user and refunded according to the user's choice.
    (2) The User can request a refund for unused balance after purchase. The company deducts 10% refund fee for the amount calculated according to the company standard and refunds the remaining amount in cash. However, if any of the following falls under any of the following cases, refunds will be limited or impossible.
    A. If the user has purchased a pass and has not used it but has withdrawn his / her membership
    B. If the name of the account holder of the account for which the user requested the refund is inconsistent with the name entered by the User when registering for membership
    C. The User requests a refund of the free voucher.
    D. The User requests a refund after using the paid service without using the free service to confirm that the result is not problematic before using the paid service
    E. The User requests a refund for a purchased ticket that has been transferred to another user
    F. The User requests a refund using another person’s account information
    G. The User violates the Terms of Service
    (3) The user requests a refund, the Company may request the submission of the documents set forth in the following subparagraphs to the user after confirming the details of purchase, and the user shall send the requested documents to the company Must submit.
    A. Refund related consultation history
    B. A copy of the document confirming the identity of the refund requestor
    C. A copy of passbook in the name of the refund requestor
    D. Payment receipt
  4. Article 20 Court
    If a lawsuit is filed against a dispute arising from the use of the Service, the court of competent jurisdiction over the headquarters of the Company shall be the competent court.
  5. Addendum
    These terms will be effective November 24, 2014.
    The existing terms are superseded by these terms, and those who are older than the effective date of the revised terms are also subject to the revised terms and conditions.

    Announcement date: November 17, 2014
    Effective date: November 24, 2014
  6. Supplementary Provisions (Revised April 22, 2015)
    These Terms will be effective April 22, 2015.

    Announcement date: April 15, 2015
    Effective date: April 22, 2015