Frequently Asked Questions

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  • LIAPP service is only provided to registered users. You can use our service after member sign up.
    The sign up is free, and you can use the LIAPP service immediately after log in.

  • 1. You can click the “LOG IN” from top right corner and go to the log in page.
    2. Please sign in with your existing SNS account (GOOGLE or FACEBOOK) or click the “SIGN UP”.
    3. Click NEXT after entering your email and password.
    4. Click Submit after entering your name and company name.
    5. Please read and agree to the terms and conditions and your registration process will be completed.

  • Both are the items that can be used after purchase. The follows are features of each item.

    Tickets are consumable items and you can use it from the LIAPP ON-SITE service.
    You can acquire Tickets through purchases or participating in events from our company.
    Each time you apply PROTECT, 1 Ticket will be consumed.
    It is impossible to restore the used Tickets, so please review thoroughly by using TEST application service prior.

    *Monthly License
    Monthly License is a fixed-term product and it allows you to use LIAPP ON-SITE or LIAPP BUSINESS service.
    To purchase Monthly License, you need to register an APP first.
    Monthly License does not apply to entire APPs that you have. You need to purchase one license per each APP.
    If you purchase Monthly License, you can apply LIAPP unlimitedly to the according APP until its expiration.

  • LIAPP is a solution that protects APPs installed in your smart devices.
    To prevent smart device hacking, you should install security programs such as vaccines.

  • LIAPP supports Android and iOS.
    You can apply all the features of LIAPP to Android APPs.
    LIAPP supports 2.2(Froyo) to latest version of Android.

    Due to Apple Store’s policies, some features may not be available for iOS APPs.
    LIAPP supports 5.2 to latest version of iOS.

  • You can use LIAPP on rooted devices if you do not apply Rooting Detection feature.
    You should care more since rooted devices are relatively vulnerable and can cause a threat to the APP.
    You can disable Rooting Detection feature from APP PROTECT menu.

  • LIAPP-protected APP requires decoding process, so it may be slower on the first time after protection.
    Only for the initial operation after installation, it may take 1 to 2 more seconds depending on the devices.
    However, after the first time, it should have no time difference before LIAPP protection.

  • You can defense those bypass APPs on the devices by Hacktools Detection feature.
    You can set Hacktools Detection feature from APP PROTECT menu.
    However, it is better to verify the payment receipt rather than detecting bypasses.

  • You can permanently use LIAPP-protected APP if you used Ticket or License.
    However, TEST-applied APP will only be available for 2 days and will not operate after expiration.

  • Regardless of the device's network connection status, you can use LIAPP-protected APPs.
    If you applied User Information feature, user information will not be transferred while on Off-line status.
    *User Information feature will be provided in the future.

  • LIAPP-protected APPs can also use the Market-provided DRM features.
    To apply Market-provided DRM, you can select “Used Market DRM” option from “ADDITIONAL FUNCTION” menu when applying LIAPP.

  • To apply Google Play Console-provided Google Play App Signing, you can select “Used Google Play App Signing” option from “ADDITIONAL FUNCTION” menu when applying LIAPP.

  • If there are any specific parts that should be excluded from obfuscation beforehand, feel free to inform LIAPP team

  • No, the app developers don't need to do anything separately. LIAPP team will handle everything from obfuscation to compatibility testing after the obfuscation.

  • After obfuscation is completed, you will have the option to download the MAP file from LIAPP console. This file allows you to review how each part has been obfuscated and configured.

  • Yes, that's possible. LIAPP can protect not only games developed with Unity but also those developed with various frameworks such as Native, Unreal Engine, and Cocos

  • LIAPP not only protects mobile games but also respects the operational preferences of game company to the fullest extent. LIAPP offers customizable settings that enable operation on specific virtual machines or emulators.

  • LIAPP ensures the secure of game apps by providing powerful variable encryption features that prevent alteration of crucial in-game currencies and items, even in environments allowing virtual machines or emulators. Additionally, LIAPP offers a cloud-based device detection feature that provides protection against various threat environments.

  • *TEST
    TEST is a sample service that lets you experience LIAPP prior to Ticket or License purchase.
    Through using TEST, you can apply LIAPP for free and check the features and compatibility prior.
    LIAPP ON-SITE feature will be applied when using TEST.
    You can use TEST-applied APP for 2 days and it will be disabled after.

    PROTECT is a function that officially applies LIAPP using a ticket or license.
    To apply LIAPP with PROTECT, you must use a ticket or have a valid license.
    1 Ticket will be used each time you apply PROTECT. You can unlimitedly apply PROTECT for licensed APP until the expiration date.

    The features of TEST and PROTECT are as described above, and there is no difference in function of LIAPP.

  • Uploaded files will be immediately deleted after LIAPP application and won’t be separately stored.

  • If you are constantly failing LIAPP application, please check below and try again.
    1) If file upload is not normally completed.
    2) If characters besides English letters, numbers, -(Hyphen), or _(Underscore) are included in the file name.
    3) If the file is corrupted or not in the correct APP file format.
    4) If you selected wrong OS or APP.
    5) If LIAPP is already applied or another security program is applied

    If none of the above is your case and you still fail to apply LIAPP, please send the following information to support@lockincomp.com.
    - Email, APP Name, Application Type (TEST/PROTECT), Application time and Error Message
    If possible, please include the APP file for faster and more precise instructions.

  • By using archivers, you can check the LIAPP application easily. (Only for Android APK files)
    1) Download the file and LIAPP Application.
    2) Open the downloaded file using archivers such as 7-Zip or WinZip
    3) Check if there are LIAPP-related files exist in “assets” folder.

    The above method is a simple way to primarily check LIAPP application status.
    Please go through installation and operation test before distribution.

  • After applying LIAPP, you need to perform Signing and Zipalign to downloaded Android APK file.
    APP files without Signing will not be installed on the devices.
    Un-zipaligned APP files may not be registered in Market.
    Please proceed Signing and Zipalign for the LIAPP-protected APP files.

    For more details on Signing and Zipalign, please refer to Android developer website.

    google signing guide
    google zipalign guide

  • There are several reasons if you cannot install the APP.
    Three main reasons of installation failure after LIAPP protection are as follows.

    1) If the APP did not go through Signing
    This is the case when you immediately try to install LIAPP-protected APP file after downloading it.
    Please make sure you perform Signing before installation.

    2) If android:extractNativeLibs='false' is set in AndroidManifest
    If the following error message Please you need to change the value of android:extractNativeLibs field to true.

    [INSTALL_FAILED_INVALID_APK: Failed to extract native libraries]

    3) If APK Signature Scheme v2 is applied before LIAPP protection. (Even though you performed Signing)
    Those APP files signed via APK Signature Scheme v2 will not be installed if contents are changed.
    If you want to use APK Signature Scheme v2, you should use apk files (unsigned apk) or sign via existing methods to apply LIAPP, then re-sign with APK Signature Scheme v2 after.
    Also, if you don't know the type of APK Signature Scheme applied before LIAPP protection then please you can check the below.
    - java -jar [apksigner.jar_PATH] verify -v --print-certs [apkfile_PATH]
    If you cannot install the APP that modified data in Apk.
    If you have modified the data inside the apk, you will not be able to install the app.
    if you use APK Signature Scheme v2, you have to use the apksigner for signing.
    If you are using APK Signature Scheme v2, you need to zipalign first.

    For more information on APK Signature Scheme v2, please refer to Official Android website.

    If none of the above is your case and you still fail to install, please send the LIAPP-protected APK file to support@lockincomp.com.

  • If the APP is not operating, please check and change the following protection options.
    Class Protection : Delete the Class and check again if you protected unnecessary Class
    NLP(Native Library Protection) : If you protect a large number of files or security programs or external library files, exclude the file and check again
    If you are using Market-provided DRM : Apply “Used Market DRM” feature from “ADDITIONAL FUNCTION” menu and check again
    If you are using Google Play Console-provided Google Play app Signing : Apply “Used Google play App Signing” feature from “ADDITIONAL FUNCTION” menu and check again
    After checking the above information and if you still struggle the APP installation or have any questions, please send the following information and LIAPP-protected APK file to support@lockincomp.com
    - Email, device model name, OS version, telecommunication company name, error msgs or special symptoms

  • Distribution process of LIAPP-applied APP does not differ from the previous distribution procedure.
    You can just follow the same distribution procedure for each APP Market.
    However, you should do Signing and Zipalign to the distributing files depending on the Market.
    For Google store, you need to perform Signing and Zipalign prior to file uploading.
    For Amazon Appstore, you need to upload Unaligned files.

  • You may not be able to register the APP to Market for following reasons.
    1) If it has a different Signing key from previously registered APP
    2) If you using jarsigner rather than apksigner even though targetSdkVersion is the same or more than 30 in your project
    3) If it is not Zipaligned (Except Amazon Appstore)
    4) If debug mode is activated
    5) If the file size limit is exceeded
    6) Others

    If you fail the registration, please send related information to support@lockincomp.com. We will instruct you after checking the details.

  • There is no limit to the uploading files for LIAPP application.
    If you are uploading a large file over 100MB, the uploading may be interrupted depending on network conditions. Please proceed uploading in a stable network environment.

  • LIAPP does not use any permission except follows.

    *Network condition check

    *Process status check

  • We will instruct the registered e-mail in case of LIAPP feature or module updates.
    To apply updates, you need to re-apply LIAPP from website.
    It is not possible to automatically update the previously applied LIAPP without re-applying.

  • You need to re-apply LIAPP and distribute the APP after modification.
    If you distribute it without re-applying, un-protected APP will be installed.
    So please apply LIAPP and distribute the APP if you modify or update the APP.

  • To use LIAPP service, you must sign up as a member first.
    After signing up and logging in, you can proceed payment through “PAYMENT” menu.

    You can only make purchases through a credit card. Please contact us if you want to proceed payment with other methods besides credit card.

  • You may purchase an annual license.
    However, it is not possible to pay directly through our website.
    For questions on unavailable products from website such as annual license, please use the “CONTACT” at the top or contact to our company.

  • To automatically extend the license, it requires periodic billing.
    Currently, automatic extension is not possible since the payment agency (PG company) does not support the periodic billing.
    Once it is supported, we will provide an automatic extension of Monthly License.

  • There is no expiration date for tickets.

  • Purchased Tickets can only be canceled (withdrawn) within 7 days after payment if they are not used.
    Purchased License can be canceled (withdrawn) or refunded under the following conditions.

    ✔Payment cancellation (withdrawal) is possible if :
    Only if you do not have a PROTECT history using a Ticket or License after payment, you can request cancellation within 7 days.
    To cancel the payment, please send the related information (Email, name, contact, payment date, purchased product, license-purchased APP, Order Number, reason for cancellation) to support@lockincomp.com.

  • Please refer to below.

    1. [zipalign file path] [Options] [Target file Path] [Output file Path]
    ex) zipalign -f -v 4 C:\LIAPP_with_APP.apk C:\LIAPP_with_APP_zipalign.apk

    2. java -jar [apksigner.jar file path] sign -v --out [Output file Path] --ks [keystore file Path] --ks-key-alias [your alias_name] [Target file path]
    ex) java -jar D:\android\sdk\build-tools\lib\apksigner.jar sign -v --out C:\LIAPP_with_APP_signed.apk --ks C:\my-release-key.jks --ks-key-alias LOCKINCOMPANY C:\LIAPP_with_APP_zipalign.apk

    3. Enter the password.