Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy standard

LOCKIN COMAPANY, Inc. (hereafter “LOCKIN”) strives to the best of their abilities to provide a safe and secure environment for visitors to the LOCKIN website. LOCKIN places privacy above all, and does not store or share information with third parties, except in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and for operational purposes including but not limited to, monitoring and regulating violations against the LOCKIN licensing agreement.

LOCKIN may employ the use of cookies to provide services for visitors, log all page views, or otherwise track your activity on our site. This information is confidential and shared only amongst LOCKIN internal employees when absolutely deemed necessary. Any email addresses used to sign up for LOCKIN services are stored on a secure server, so that we can provide support and maintenance. Sensitive information including passwords and payment information are never stored by LOCKIN.

Any software uploaded to the LOCKIN server in accordance to software usage or testing is not stored beyond a thirty (30) day timeframe at any given time. After the applicable period, any external software uploaded by the visitor is permanently deleted and no records are kept.

Any questions regarding the Privacy Policy should be addressed to LOCKIN is not liable for any security breach that may occur due to the visitor’s negligence in keeping a secure environment for the hardware device used to access the LOCKIN website, account management, and general negligence that may compromise the security of any email address used to register for the LOCKIN website. Any visitor found to be at fault in negligence leading to a security and privacy breach may have their license terminated without prior notice.