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Essential requirements for your app security

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Key requirements for your app security

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$2,499.90/ Y
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Perfect and ideal requirements for mobile game security

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  • Basic

    Source Code Encryption

  • Anti-Tampering

  • Memory Protection

  • Game Engine Protection

  • Anti-Debugging

  • String Encryption

  • Anti-Repackaging

  • JNI Native Library Protection

  • Rooting Detection

  • Virtual Machine Detecetion

  • Hacking Tool Detection

  • Advanced Detection

    USB Debugging Detection


  • Fake GPS Detection

  • VPN Detection

  • Overlay Detection

  • Anti-Bot

  • Macro Detection

  • Advanced Protection

    Javascript Protection

  • React Native Protection

  • Code Obfuscation

    Class Rename

  • Method Rename

  • Field Rename

  • System API Call Hiding

  • Log Remove

  • Management

    Detection Statistics

  • Export Detection Statistics

  • CI/CD Support

  • REST API Support

  • SIEM Support

  • Prevent Security Bypass

  • White User

  • Detection Text Customization

  • Call back Method Support

  • Customer Services

    Email Support

  • Call Support

  • Dedicate Channel Support

  • App Compatibility Testing

Pricing FAQ

Have you not yet made a decision about which plan to go for?

  • All's LIAPP plan is app (package) basis.

  • Both are the items that can be used after purchase. The follows are features of each item.

    Tickets are consumable items and you can use it from the LIAPP ON-SITE service.
    You can acquire Tickets through purchases or participating in events from our company.
    Each time you apply PROTECT, 1 Ticket will be consumed.
    It is impossible to restore the used Tickets, so please review thoroughly by using TEST application service prior.

    *Monthly License
    Monthly License is a fixed-term product and it allows you to use LIAPP ON-SITE or LIAPP BUSINESS service.
    To purchase Monthly License, you need to register an APP first.
    Monthly License does not apply to entire APPs that you have. You need to purchase one license per each APP.
    If you purchase Monthly License, you can apply LIAPP unlimitedly to the according APP until its expiration.

  • There is no expiration date for tickets.

  • After signing up and logging in, you can proceed payment through “PAYMENT” menu.

    You can only make purchases through a credit card. Please contact us if you want to proceed payment with other methods besides credit card.

  • Please send us your inquiry to CONTACT, our expert will contact you soon!

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Selected as major Global Representative Vendor in a report called
'Market Guide App Shielding' provided by Gartner

2023 Cyber Security Awards
Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP)
Gold Winner

2023 Cyber Security Awards
Mobile Application Security
Gold Winner

2023 Cyber Security Awards
Application Security
Gold Winner

2023 G2 Summer
Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP)
High Performer

2023 G2 Summer
Mobile Data Security
High Performer

2023 G2 Summer
Mobile Data Security
Data Security

2023 G2 Fall
Asia Pacific Data Security
High Performer

2023 G2 Fall
Data Security
High Performer

2023 G2 Fall
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Vivid reviews and impressions of companies that have applied LIAPP

"In our case, the amount of loss was bigger than LIAPP implementation fee. If you are hesitating to use LIAPP, I strongly recommend implementing LIAPP first because the cost and difficulty that you are currently facing is now smaller than the future incident due to lack of strengthening the security."

CEO Song****

"It does not need to be a professional hacker to hack memory, even normal game users can learn how to hack games through simple hacking tools and google search. Indie games are very vulnerable, so security services like LIAPP is quite necessary. "

CEO Jeong****
Tap Tap Younggu

"Since LIAPP takes the full responsibility for security issues, the engineering team became able to focus on game services which positively affect the work efficiency to grow and decrease the resources. LIAPP eventually helped us to increase revenue, both directly and indirectly."

CEO Ju****
Drake and Trap

"Easy-to-secure services such as LIAPP will be the best choice for many upcoming mobile apps when they need security. The ease with applying app security without specialized security programming knowledge can not only save you time and development costs, but also can help you create benefits to service revenues. "

CEO Gu****
Hexgon Dungeon

"We are very satisfied as we have been offering safe services without a single security related incident until this point. LIAPP satisfies both service provider and user convenience."

Lee**(Mobile Cell)

"If you try LIAPP, you will be grateful that you can use a wide range of security services at such a reasonable price. Plus, LIAPP differentiates from other services that even non-programmers like me can understand and use the system easily. It's a service that you can confidently recommend to anyone who runs mobile app services."

CEO Kang****
Financial Design

"In fact, since we're not uncomfortable using the SaaS model that LIAPP provides, our company is very satisfied with the current LIAPP product. I like the part where LIAPP can be simply and quickly applied to an app and its reasonable price."

CEO Yang****
Evil Hunter Tycoon

"Performance and affordability are the best part of LIAPP. I didn't really feel the need to find a different security solution. It's a little bit too expensive for a small-sized developer, but once you try it, you can never stop the service."

Team Leader Jan**
Stronghold Technology

"Applying LIAPP allowed strong defense against alternative routing of the clients, hacking tools, and memory modulation in real time and the exposure of UNITY as well as game source codes."

Team Leader Ki****
Rhythm Action Game

"I think the biggest advantage of early introduction is that it is easy to apply and stable as I said. In addition, I think it is a great advantage to be able to use the card easily on the website without the hassle of signing a contract"

CEO Kyung***

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