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LIAPP's features

LIAPP provides awesome features that make mobile services a success.

Source Code Protection

Protect your applications’ structure through source code encryption and obfuscation.


Detects and blocks all signs of forgery or falsification in the APP.

Memory Protection

Prevents access to the APP’s memory while apps are running to protect important data.

Game Engine Protection

Protects the Cocos and Unity source codes from leakage and hacking.


Prevents debugging access to the APP for dynamic analysis while apps are running to protect important data.

Rooting Detection

Prevent execution on rooted devices for the safe behavior of your app.

Virtual Machine Detection

Scans for virtual machines to protect systems from hacking and malware.

Hacking Tool Detection

Scans for malware to protect your app from hacking.

User Hacking Report

Provide information such as device information, number of connections and threat detection number of your customers using apps through report.

Blocking the Access of Hacking Users

Blocking the access of users who may be or is a hacking threat

Blocking Attempts to Bypass Security Functions

Preventing the bypass of security by creating a strong link between the apps to be protected and LIAPP

Setting Real-Time Detection Options

Protection options are turned on/off in real-time aligned with user service policies to improve operational efficiency

Frequently Asked Questions

LIAPP provides awesome features that make mobile services a success.

Apps that are LIAPP applied within the license or paid period can be used permanently. There is no extra work to be done for the termination of using LIAPP

Please be assured that the original app (.apk or .aab ) you uploaded will be deleted immediately after the implementation

Key signing is required in order to distribute you app after LIAPP implementation. This can be simply done as it is specifically explained through the guide page and the download screen after applying LIAPP. We also provide signing scripts for those who need them

LIAPP's superior compatibility

LIAPP ensures reliable operation in a variety of devices launched worldwide
It can also provide the best performance even when APP is running with its own LIAPP technology

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  • Various types of devices around the world wide

  • Devices by various mobile network carriers worldwide

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  • The Best performance


This solution delivers maximum security by providing the indispensable functions such as source code and app protection to protect APPs


This solution protects APPs through not only source code as well as APP protection but also through malware, virtual machines, and administrator rights detection


It's the right enterprise product to protect your critical APPs. This solution enables you to use your own exclusive LIAPP as it configures a separate LIAPP in-house'

LIAPP for Game

As a specialized solution for gaming APPs, it does not only provide APP protection but also client control function and all other functions that are required for stronger Game Engine protection and game security operations