[LIAPP FEATURES] React Native Protection

This post will discuss LIAPP’s feature React Native protection. We will explain how it works and what its effect is.


[LIAPP FEATURES] React Native Protection

LIAPP provides robust and useful features to protect mobile apps against various threats.
This post will discuss LIAPP’s React Native protection to protect mobile apps made by React Native. We will explain how it works and what its effect is.
React Native Protection option
With the tremendous popularity of React Native, there are quite a lot of Hybrid apps released developed by React Native.
It is a top priority to protect app services made by React Native.

LIAPP provides diverse security features to protect app services developed by React Native, especially LIAPP’s React Native Protection provides a feature to protect bundle file ( java script file(.js)) by encryption.

And it is LIAPP’s specialty to maintain high security by creating an encrypted key every time it is applied.
In this way, LIAPP users can expect to increase efficiency and save resources for developing and running mobile apps by protecting essential logic and app without having to do a high and challenging task such as setting up encrypted logic, applicable system, and managing keys safely.

» Pure bundle file


» Protected bundle file with LIAPP

As you can see, LIAPP’s React Native Protection feature and LIAPP’s Anti-tampering, Anti-dumper, Memory protection, and Root detection features will protect package files which app service needs a standard security package file.

LIAPP, we provide the best service possible.
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