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Utilize robust anti-tampering technology to
safeguard mobile apps against illegal
modifications and unauthorized alterations

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Obfuscation & Encryption

Obfuscate and encrypt classes, methods, and
important binaries of Android and iOS apps to
prevent theft of important information
within the app due to malicious modifications.

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Mobile Game Protection

Experience security optimized for mobile games with Unity Engine encryption, protection of various game engines, and advanced action-based hacking tool detection.

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Selected as major Global Representative Vendor in a report called
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2023 Cyber Security Awards
Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP)
Gold Winner

2023 Cyber Security Awards
Mobile Application Security
Gold Winner

2023 Cyber Security Awards
Application Security
Gold Winner

2023 G2 Summer
Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP)
High Performer

2023 G2 Summer
Mobile Data Security
High Performer

2023 G2 Summer
Mobile Data Security
Data Security

2023 G2 Fall
Asia Pacific Data Security
High Performer

2023 G2 Fall
Data Security
High Performer

2023 G2 Fall
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LIAPP's features

LIAPP provides awesome features that make mobile services a success.

Source Code Protection


Memory Protection

Game Engine Protection


Rooting Detection

Virtual Machine Detection

Hacking Tool Detection

User Hacking Report

Blocking the Access of Hacking Users

Blocking Attempts to Bypass Security Functions

Setting Real-Time Detection Options

Enhance the Security of Your Mobile Apps

Mobile App Security Keypad

Safeguards sensitive data, including user-entered passwords input by users and prevents keylogging.

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Mobile App Screen Capture Prevent Solution

Detects and blocks screen capture and video recording to safeguard content copyrights and prevent illegal screen capture and recording.

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OWASP Mobile Top 10 2024 – Guide to Addressing the Most Critical Vulnerabilities for Mobile App Security

Let's explore the newly announced top 10 mobile application vulnerabilities by OWASP in 2024 and learn about ways to improve mobile security vulnerabilities.

Why Do Hackers Attack Mobile Apps?

Mobile Apps Security – A War against Hackers! If my company provides a mobile app service? Let’s find out how to secure mobile apps and to know what the type of hacking are.

[TECH] Signing with apksigner and APK Signature scheme v2

This is explanatory guide for how to sign Android APK file manually for APK Signature scheme v2 signing system using the apksigner, and zipalign.


This solution delivers maximum security by providing the indispensable functions such as source code and app protection to protect APPs


This solution protects APPs through not only source code as well as APP protection but also through malware, virtual machines, and administrator rights detection


It's the right enterprise product to protect your critical APPs. This solution enables you to use your own exclusive LIAPP as it configures a separate LIAPP in-house'

LIAPP for Game

As a specialized solution for gaming APPs, it does not only provide APP protection but also client control function and all other functions that are required for stronger Game Engine protection and game security operations

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