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[Interview] Why does Indie game need mobile APP security?

Indie game developer Retro-Arts, who has been growing since the launch of Evil Hunter Tycoon, tells us about the need of mobile app security at the time of the game was launched.

Q : Please give us a little brief about yourself.

A : Hi, a pleasure to meet you. My name is Sooyeon Yang from Retro-Arts, a indie game developer company.

Q : Can you explain about the mobile App service you are operating currently?

A : Since this January, Retro-Arts have started to provide a game service called Evil Hunter Tycoon.
Evil Hunter Tycoon is a game in which you can gather materials through hunting in a ruined town and build/manage buildings by competing with users through PVPs.

Evil Hunter
Q : What is the charm of Evil-Hunter Tycoon?

A : Evil Hunter Tycoon is a game with RPG and its tycoon-like elements combined. By AI automated hunting, gamers can focus on management, good for whom has been tired of traditional RPGs.
It's a game of RPG that is very close to a simulation game at the same time.

Q : Then, how can we enjoy the game, Evil Hunter Tycoon?

A : In order to enjoy Evil Hunter Tycoon, you need a big patience.
As a tip, this was also a development intent.
There is a concern from the users that people with a hurry may have hardships as the game requires too much hands.
If you enjoy the game such as Dot Graphics with patience, you will find yourself in love with Evil Hunter Tycoon unexpectedly.

Q : What are some of the meaningful episodes you remember?

A : Thankfully, we have been loved by many people in a short time since the launch of Evil Hunter Tycoon.
It is becoming a game that is growing together with the users.
Even more, we frequently decide the ranks what to be updated first through voting depending on the concerns and questions the users upload on the online community.
I think it's the very meaningful and impressive to directly communicate with the people who use our service.

Q : What do you think is the best beauty of indie games?

A : Since I am a big fan of indie games, I dreamed creating a game on my own while actually playing the games. Of course, there were many hardships, but I was very impressed by what people liked while serving. I'm afraid I can't quit this job. (smile) ☺
I believe the beauty of indie game is that I can meet people who love it through my vision and passion.

Get it on Google Play
Get it on Google Play
Q : I know that you've been preparing security since the beginning of the app launch. How did you get to first know about LIAPP?

A : In fact, it wasn't until the time of launch that I got ready for security because of the busy development period. However, I found out LIAPP through Googling while I was looking for strong mobile app security solutions.

Q : The well-prepared security is, the harder it may be for your customers to feel how strong is the security serivces, but why are you paying more attention to security?

A : In fact, security is for developers rather than for customers. Security is a critical issue because if security isn't solid, it can lead to a loss of trust in the game, and trust is directly linked to the revenue.

Q : Have you ever faced any real cases where security was imperative? If yes, then how could you solve those problems through LIAPP?

A : Androids have countless hacking apps on its own and is not very secure. Fortunately, we were able to protect our service from deadly hacking because we secured it early on. Yet, it is widely known that small developers around us face frequent cases of hacking.
After the launch, we daily check to see if there's any mal-functioning data as users are quickly getting in. After the launch, we daily check to see if there's any mal-functioning data as users are quickly getting in.

Thanks to LIAPP, almost no hacking data are found these days.

Q : Is there any special reason to choose LIAPP among many other security solutions?

A : Performance and affordability. And once used, I didn't really feel the need to find a different security solution.

Q : What is the best part of LIAPP?

A : Clean interface, easy to pay and easy to apply to the mobile App.
You may not feel these advantages from the start, but from my experience, there's almost no threat of hacking.

Q : If you want to recommend LIAPP to people around you, why?

A : The main reason is to that I can be free from the stress of facing hacking threats.
One of the most important things in Indie game is development resources.
The biggest advantage is that you can fully trust security and focus on your work.

In other words, you can leave security fully to LIAPP and fully concentrate on the service development.

Q : Q: How do you expect the future of mobile App security services?

A : As the usage of smartphones grows, a variety of mobile Apps is being released and the concerns of hacking are also increasing accordingly. Because it takes too much time resources and money for mobile App developers to handle security, I think mobile App security services will become very essential.

Q : Do you have any other words or concerns to LIAPP?

A : I appreciated to LIAPP as we have been operating our services without any concerns regarding hacking attacks since using LIAPP. To ensure security, it is necessary to use at least LIAPP BUSINESS than using LIAPP ON-SITE plan. It's a little bit too expensive for a small-sized developer, but once you try it, you can never stop the service. (laughs)

I think LIAPP is a satisfying service for all users, regardless of industries.

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