OWASP Mobile Top 10 2024 – Guide to Addressing the Most Critical Vulnerabilities for Mobile App Security

Let's explore the newly announced top 10 mobile application vulnerabilities by OWASP in 2024 and learn about ways to improve mobile security vulnerabilities.

New Android banking trojan called "Sharkbot", its way of attack and how to defend

Malware? not the antivirus? Antivirus app downloaded to prevent from hacking, but this app has been controversial as it has been found to be malicious malware that infiltrates users' mobile devices, manipulates banking applications, and remits assets to the outside.

Protect cheat engine – How to protect the game app from cheat engine

There are a lot of hacker attacks on mobile games occurring every day. To protect game services from hacker attacks, mobile game providers detect and block hacking tools in various ways.

Four Security Checklists for Android App Development

Four Essential Features for Android App Security that Must Be Checked before Launching the App.

Google Play Policy Update -Regarding Sensitive Information

Google Play Developer Program Policy Update - Permissions and APIs that Access Sensitive Information

Virtual Space App Security

A Response Measure to the Security Threat of Virtual Space App

Fintech App Service Vulnerability Inspection Guide

Fintech App Service Vulnerability Inspection Guide from Financial Security Agency

[TECH]PCI SSC Security Requirements for Fintech Apps

The security issue of Fintech apps is emerging as a hot topic in various fields worldwide.

[Interview] Prevention of app tampering, I solved with LIAPP!

After the introduction of LIAPP, there was no hacking and tampering of the app in Pintown