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[Interview] A mobile game growth story of the Game Audition Champion called ‘Drake and Trap’

The Dungeon Expedition Game called ‘Drake and Trap’ which is growing steadily with novel and addictive content, talks about the security story they went through and the marketability of the security service market.

Q : Q: Please tell me briefly about yourself.

Hello, I'm Koo Chul-hoe, a CEO of DrakeMount, a game development company. I’m currently operating a mobile game called ‘Drake and Trap’.

Q : Please explain further about your game.

‘Drake and Trap’ is a game where you explore new dungeons. It lets you control the large unit to defeat monsters and dungeons with traps that have various patterns.

Q : Do you have any special episodes that you can't forget while running the app?

We had won the first prize at Game Creation Audition hosted by Gyeong-gi Province with ‘Drake and Trap.’ Of course, the title 'No. 1' was very touching, but the judges' positive reviews gave me confidence that the endless years that my team and I spent developing a single game were worth it. The judges played the game without knowing the time was passing. I was proud.

The judges played the game without knowing the time was passing. I was proud.
drake & trap
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Q : What is the best part of your mobile app service?

‘Drake and Trap’ is a game with a definite fan. I think it's because of its content. Our game users gave us feedbacks that the graphics, escaping the maze through various traps, and controlling a large unit by combining units make this game unique. Usually, mobile games are not easy to implement three-dimensional map structure or various unit controls.

Q : Have you ever experienced the necessity of app security? If yes, how did you solve the issue by LIAPP?

When ‘Drake and Trap’ was first launched in 2016, the gaming app was distributed with source code obfuscation solution only. I thought this was enough as I thought if something happens, I will be able to deal with it then. But within a few days of the service release, someone hacked into the in-game goods and shared them with other users through online. A lot of people downloaded the hacked app and used paid content for free. This was a very serious issue as it led to not only a financial loss for the company, but it was also a huge damage for the customers who have been paying for the items. I urgently asked for a security solution, and that's how I first met LIAPP

Q : As an actual user, what do you think is the biggest advantage of LIAAP?

Of course, the frequency of security-related issues has decreased significantly. Of course, the frequency of security-related issues has decreased significantly. Since LIAPP takes the full responsibility for security issues, the engineering team became able to focus on game services which positively affect the work efficiency to grow and decrease the resources. LIAPP eventually helped us to increase revenue, both directly and indirectly.

Q : Are you willing to recommend LIAPP around you? If so, why?

I am willing to recommend LIAPP to other game companies. This is because the effectiveness based on purchase cost is high and the response to the inquiry has always been fast. A while ago, I shared the website address to one of the programmers from Lockin with the information suspected of hacking. I was very impressed with his immediate response because it's pretty hard to find this kind of after-sales service anywhere.

Q : : How do you expect the future of app security service industry?

The number of mobile games has been continuously increasing. I even read an article a few days ago that the mobile game market is expected to rise by more than five percent after the Corona crisis. If the pandemic lengthens the social distance policy, I cautiously predict that the growth rate will be more than that. Then, wouldn’t it be reasonable to predict the tendency of growth of security damage cases as well? If this trend really happens, then the demand for mobile security would also grow accordingly. So far, security is not recognized as a must, but I am positive that sooner or later deploying mobile apps with strong security will be a matter for sure.

Q : Do you have any new service launching plans for the users?

There will be an update on ‘Drake and Trap’ and I'm working hard on my next project. Please look forward to it.

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