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[Interview] Prevention of app tampering, I solved with LIAPP!

The actual damage occurred by tampering with the user's app without permission to steal property and use it for illegal money laundering. In March 2021, about 10 million won of property was stolen without using an E-gift voucher by the victim and the app operator, which is difficult to track due to anonymity.
Today, we will introduce the introductory period of "LIAPP" by the CEO of "Pintown," a gift voucher exchange app that tight security after this dizzying financial incident.

INtroduction to the company that introduce this LIAPP

Hello, I'm Songjin Pyo, the developer and the CEO of the Pintown app. Pintown is a useful fintech app that allows you to sell unused E-gift vouchers or purchase Google Play gift cards at a discount. Since it is operated 24 hours a day, you can purchase or sell E-gift vouchers quickly and easily through the app regardless of time and place.
I developed Pintown because I wanted to sell a gift card that I received, so I installed an existing app, but it was difficult to use because of an error or inconvenient UI. So Pintown is what I made when I decided to make an app that is easy to use and error-free.

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LIAPP, that I met after the app tapering incident

Mobile anti tampering prevention – The introduction of 'LIAPP' of 'Pintown', a E-gift voucher exchange app that boasted iron security after a dizzying financial accident. The hacker hacked the victim's phone and remotely controlled it, installed a tampered Pintown app, purchased an E-gift card worth about 10 million won, converted it into cash, and stole it. The victim didn't even know that his phone had been hacked.
After this incident, I realized late that the free source code obfuscation solution did not prevent app tampering or reverse engineering. So I was introduced to the LIAPP through acquaintances to prevent a recurrence of financial incidents.

After the introduction of LIAPP, there was no hacking and tampering of the app in Pintown

In order to prevent financial incidents, Pintown has already added various functions such as capture prevention, remote control prevention, and mobile phone verification to the app itself to prevent financial incidents.In order to prevent financial incidents, Pintown has already added various functions such as capture prevention, remote control prevention, and mobile phone verification to the app itself to prevent financial incidents.

LIAPP is a comprehensive mobile app security solution with all mobile security features. After applying LIAPP, we directly conducted tampering tests such as reverse engineering of the source code and various hacking attempts. In fact, we have not had single security or financial incident since using the LIAPP.

Simplified customer verification process with enhanced security after the introduction of LIAPP

Before the introduction of LIAPP, due to concerns about accidents, we complicated the identity verification process. However, since the introduction of LIAPP, the customer verification process has been simplified compared to before. As a result, my workload related to developing and managing the app has decreased. In addition, since all app hacking and threat attempts are monitored through the re-app, it is possible to preemptively respond to hacking and app tampering, enabling more stable service operations.

If you love running app services, we strongly recommend introducing LIAPP.

I had a security incident with a tampered app, and the fixed customer churn and sales were severely affected, and I finally introduced the LIAPP. In my case, the loss caused by the incident is greater than the cost of adopting LIAPP. If you care about and love the service you are running, I highly recommend that you prevent app security threats through LIAPP.
Mobile apps allow you to look into the source code, which is the core design of the app, and tampering is easy. Don't be complacent about mobile security precautions because of the current cost and difficulties.

"In my case, the loss from the incident is greater than the cost of deploying the LIAPP."

"I hope you do not be complacent about taking precautions for mobile security because of the immediate cost and difficulty."

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This post covers the causes, real cases and prevention techniques of mobile application tampering.

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