[Interview] Success strategy for mobile games, < Hexagon Dungeon: Arcana’s Stone > Episode

mobile game security - The post talks about the success strategy of Puzzle RPG, a distinctive genre that captivated users, and the direct effects of using LIAPP on game services.


[Interview] Success strategy for mobile games, < Hexagon Dungeon: Arcana’s Stone > Episode

The post talks about the success strategy of Puzzle RPG, a distinctive genre that captivated users, and the direct effects of using LIAPP on game services.
Q : Please tell me briefly about yourself.
A : Hello, I'm Koo Chul-hoe, a CEO of Blair Games, a game development company.
I am responsible for the overall aspects of games such as UI and programming planning.
Since I was young, I used to make my own board games and play with my friends, and I thought, ‘What other games should I make next?’ Then, I suddenly thought, ‘The only time I can do what I want to do is now.’ I left my old company and started a game service.
Q : Please explain about the mobile app service you are working with currently.
A : It’s a mixture of 3-Match puzzle and RPG game called < Hexagon Dungeon : Arcana’s Stone >. The game is a remake version of < Hexagon Dungeon > as well.
Since the game was made based on my personal taste as well as existing users’ opinion, I have a profound affection to it. The game has been selected as one of the Top 10 games from Google play independent games festival. (Haha)
Q : Congratulations! Puzzle RPG…. Sounds like a game that requires very fast thinking. How is the game rule?
A : Puzzle RPG seems very unfamiliar, right? I wanted to make puzzles that users can play for a long time without boredom. So I decided to make games with unique genre.
Unlike other puzzle RPGs, you fill in empty puzzle stages instead of stages filled with blocks. If the monster blocks are randomly presented, you can place them in the blanks with the same class blocks. If a block of the same class is made with more than three combos, the blocks are combined in the last location where the blocks were placed and you will be raised to an upper level. It might sound difficult, but you'll easily understand the rules once you try the game!
What do you think of playing < Hexagon Dungeon: Arcana’s Stone > tonight with a cup of beer?
hexagon dungeon
Q : You seem to have put a lot of effort to the illustration. The characters are very attractive, too. Do you have any episodes while creating characters or writing scenario?
A : Haha. You are right. Illustration is an important factor that makes people to be possessive about games. I went through a lot finding someone to help me in the illustration.
And since I’m not a writer, it was very difficult to write scenario. I became being able to talk about this smiling, but I say the most pain I ever experienced was when I had to write the scenario. Oh, all of a sudden I am getting a headache. I might still not have overcome the trauma. (laughs)

Q : What do you think is the best part of < Hexagon Dungeon: Arcana’s Stone >? In other words, if you were a game player, why would you try this game at least once?^^
A : Puzzle RPG itself is a very rare genre these days. It’s high in scarcity. So now there are a lot of our maniacs. Also, you can release your stress playing the puzzle and defeating the enemies with a combo at the same time.
< The Hexagon Dungeon: Arcana's Stone > is a combination of sophisticated illustrations and dot characters. I've tried to create fresh characters that I'm attached to in the hope that someone will develop my character with love and affection.
Another attraction of this game is retro background music. I used to listen to this music while making the game; it's too much of my taste, right? Haha. Many users have been providing us with positive feedback about the background music and characters. Some people also say that they are looking forward to the upcoming content. Very thankful.
Q : Have you ever experienced damage caused by hacking while providing game service?
A : One day, I was searching for a game on Google, and I saw a tampered version of my app that someone hacked into to get money indefinitely.
I think these maliciously hacked apps are not only a big blow to profits, but also a 'cancer' (sorry for the harsh expressions) that hurt the fun of users who enjoy games in a normal way. Speaking of which, I'm getting upset again. In addition, there were users who acquired game money negatively through memory hacking.
So we've decided to use LIAPP. Since the LIAPP applied version we don't see hacked apps anymore, and there has been no negative acquisition of game money.
Q : As an actual user, what do you think is the biggest advantage of LIAPP?
A : Significant differentiation and advantage of LIAPP is its easy application method.
By clicking a few buttons and typing a few words, LIAPP allows its strong security features to be automatically applied to apps. It's pretty amazing. By knowing LIAPP, I don’t worry about code security during the stages of development and the development time also was reduced significantly.
A quick response in the event of a problem was very impressive too. As a service provider myself, I think it's always difficult to deal with any inconvenience or enquiries from customers in any field, but there is no doubt that it's the most important part.
Q : What do you think should be prepared to succeed in game services?
A : While many factors may be needed to ensure the success of services, I believe that security is an essential issue.
Easy-to-secure services such as LIAPP will be the best choice for many upcoming mobile apps when they need security. The ease with applying app security without specialized security programming knowledge can not only save you time and development costs, but also can help you create benefits to service revenues.
LIAPP is very helpful to raise revenue and saving development cost and time.

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