[LIAPP FEATURES] Class Protection & Source Code Encryption

This post will discuss more details about LIAPP’s features, Class Protection, and Source Code Encryption. Let us explain how they work and what are their effectiveness.

[LIAPP FEATURES] Class Protection & Source Code Encryption

LIAPP provides robust and very useful features to protect various kinds of factors in mobile apps.
Among them, 'Class protection' and 'Source code encryption' that you can set on ‘Code Protection’ tab protect important Source code containing in mobile apps.
With these two features, LIAPP users can prevent critical incidents from the leakage of operations sequence of mobile apps, and specific important logic such as Log-in, authority to access user information, obtaining user’s control, goods (or can be money) and payment logic through distributed apps.
Class protection and Source code Encryption options

Class protection divides core logic (class made by Java) from existing source files and provides protection features by storing it at a specific location safely.
You can follow this guide to set Class protection on LIAPP. If your app’s important source code is under com.lockincompany, you can input com.lockincompany* at Class protection.
In this way, LIAPP recognizes class start from com.lockincompany and all of lower classes as an important class and LIAPP protects them by separating from existing source code.

Class protection before VS after
Once this protection is in progress, those important source codes that separated to a specific location will be encrypted and strongly protected by LIAPP’s Source code encryption feature. Then, unimportant codes (irrelevant or inevitably to be disclosed like 3rd party source) will be remained at the app’s source code file.
Source code encryption before VS after

Protection Technology explained above is an advanced and sophisticated way to encrypt all source code, including unimportant ones. This way, it will improve the security level and optimize the performance of the app.
This logic will be applicable based on compiled app file (apk), it can be applied to any compiled file in either apk or aab regardless of programming language or framework.

LIAPP, we provide the best service possible.
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