[Interview] Why do you choice LIAPP?

[Interview] Why do you choice LIAPP?


[Interview] Why do you choice LIAPP?

Q : Comma Gate?
[ CEO Gyu Sang Kyung below ‘A’ ] A : The CommaGate is a company that develops and serves mobile games.
Currently, we develop and service a mobile game called ‘Suryeonchung’ and ‘Suryeonchung’ is a game we would like to recommend to those who enjoy a deep 1:1 battle.
Q : Tell me about 'Suryeonchung'?
A : 'Suryeonchung' is a 1:1 RPG game that reflects my tendency as a Light User, and is made by collecting only the things that I felt fun playing and like.
The purpose of the 'Suryeonchung' is not to allow workers to carry their cell phones all day, but to play games for a short period of time by occasionally connecting, keeping them on their feet, and then recharging their tickets.
Q : What is the success point of 'Suryeonchung'?
A : Since its launching, the inflow of users has been increasing rapidly. It's based on my tendency as a Light User and the fun I've had. It seems that the users who are tired of games have to spend a lot of time on the characteristics of traditional mobile games.
But these days, there are a growing number of people who want to enjoy learning more about it.
Q : Why do you think that you need the security for apps?
A : The game that was released before 'Suryeonchung' is a stand-alone type game. So I didn't think I needed any extra security. But this time, I thought that because of the great war(battle?) that took place through server, I had to defend myself against hacking that could destroy the balance in the game, which is absolutely necessary for security.
It was necessary to defend against hacking, which could destroy my own balance.

Q : Please tell me the process when you introduce the security solution?
A : After thinking, 'I need security', I had a couple of criteria before choosing a solution.
First of all, mobile games are a genre in which there is absolutely no time and manpower for content development alone. So, of course, we couldn't introduce security if it was inconvenient or restrictive.
In addition, supporting robust security and reliable services without affecting the reliable service of games has been a top priority. So I started looking for solutions with two top priorities. I searched with keywords such as ‘app security’, looked through various solutions, uploaded apk files for easy application, and selected things that were directly applied, and naturally became interested in LIAPP.

The first criteria were ease of application, reliable service and strong security.
Q : When you select the security solution for issue?
A : In fact, at the end, we were testing it against LIAPP and one other solution, and there were a lot of conditions that I needed to use the other solution.
But I took the time to do the tests, and I met all the conditions, but I couldn't even test them because I had frequent conflicts in the game. I also had slow feedback on the questions
For example, there are many constraints such as 'Please turn off Google App signing' or having to insert a large amount of source code to use the solution.
I found a lot of shortcomings, while LIAPP was supplemented by all of those shortcomings, and the required function was solved by switching on or off the switch options.
In addition, your feedback on the questions and remote support were well received, and I selected LIAPP easy to apply.

Q : Why do you select 'LIAPP'?
A : LIAPP was providing the features and services that I wanted to meet.
The application ended with a single upload of the app files, and since the service is stable for a variety of games, it has no impact on the game service, so I provide a stable service.

Easy to apply and reliable service were the drivers of the adoption decision.
Q : What are the advantages of LIAPP over other solutions?
A : First of all, I think the biggest advantage of early introduction is that it is easy to apply and stable as I said.
In addition, I think it is a great advantage to be able to use the card easily on the website without the hassle of signing a contract.

Q : Since the introduction of the LIAPP?
A : Since its first use, there have been no security incidents with games running.
Despite the rapid increase in user prices, with the cumulative number of downloads over 100,000 since the launch, there must have been a lot of hacking attempts, and I think they also prove to be more secure.

Users are rapidly increasing, but no hacking has occurred so far.
Q : What would you recommend for LIAPP?
A : I personally think it's necessary not only for mobile games but also for mobile apps everywhere.