[LIAPP FEATURES] String Encryption

This post will discuss more details about LIAPP’s feature String Encryption. Let us explain how it works and what its effect is.


[LIAPP FEATURES] String Encryption

LIAPP provides robust and useful features to protect various kinds of factors in mobile apps.
Among them, ‘String Encryption' that you can set on ‘Code Protection’ tab protect important String containing in a mobile app.

String encryption option

While developing a mobile app, we write essential information needed for the app’s operation in a string in the source code due to a Stand-alone way without a server, lack of time, or other reasons.

Ex. Essential Information

· Sever queries to call important information
· Encrypted key
· Preference key and data to save important information
· Protocols to communicate with servers and other apps

If a String is exposed this way, it can be a source to figure out the role of method or Class and hackers will use this exposed String maliciously, and app service’s damage cases are constantly increasing.

· Collecting data by competitors in a short period of time for any recent events.
· Collecting data by requesting server where the data is only accessible by an app service administrator.
· Extorting encrypted important personal information of app service users.
· Changing data or obtaining goods and information maliciously by figuring out the storage location and the format of important information and goods acquired from an app.

To protect mobile apps against this kind of threat, LIAPP provides String Encryption feature.



As above, mobile apps can be protected more strongly with LIAPP’s String Encryption feature by encrypting String in the source code.
Furthermore, as this feature applies to compiled app files (apk), it is possible to apply to apk or aab files despite the developed language and framework.

LIAPP, we provide the best service possible.
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